Would a team comprised of the best Alabama players under Saban from 2009-2015 defeat the 2016-2022 team (college performance only)?

Clay Miller

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It's hard to say because the game has changed a lot in a short amount of time but I think I would have to pick 2016-2022. Speed all over the field on offense and that defensive line is insane. Plus Tua is a better QB than AJ.

Christopher Walsh

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Hunter asked me this a while ago and unfortunately I never gave him an answer.

The difference in the linebackers is striking, and shows how the change has been made from focusing on stopping the run to having to be more versatile and better against the pass.

After mulling it over, I think the 2016-22 team would win because it would better handle the way the game is now played. It’s all about matchups and the corner combination of Humphrey-Surtain, with Minkah at star, is the difference.

Great question, though.