Sunday was a BAD loss

Katie Windham

Staff member
There's really no excuse for losing to a 3-10 team that had scored 4 combined runs in 4 games on the weekend leading into the game. And you could tell Murph felt that way after the game.

Offense wasn't good. Pitching definitely wasn't good and defense wasn't great. I've seen some people saying he should've pitched Montana... Alabama shouldn't have to pitch Montana against a 3-10 team. The offense should score enough runs, and the other pitchers shouldn't give up 5 runs to a team like that. Murph said after the game that he needs the other pitchers to give better starts because he's not going to pitch Montana every game.

I would say this loss is worse than the season opener for multiple reasons, but the key now will be seeing how they respond. Will they rally and play better, or will we see more of the same? What we saw in Clearwater showed that this team clearly has what it takes to compete with the best, but can they do it consistently?


You nailed it, Katie! Montana, as great as she is, is not going to win every Friday and Sunday, and may the good Lord have mercy on us on Saturday games. Keep the good work!