Looks like Kentucky has figured things out

Christopher Walsh

Staff member
Texas A&M coach Buzz Williams after the loss to the Wildcats:

"We studied that lineup. This is the third game. If you only looked at those guys in the last two games in comparison to their first four games, statistically, they are a distinctly different team. In those two games, they average 28 free-throw attempts. In the first four, I think the number was in the low teens. Their job on the glass has been much better. Their pace is a little different.

"Their team is different. The basis of how we prepared was based on the numbers we had studied in those two games. It's not to take away from the first four games, but there was overwhelming evidence of how they were playing and what they were running. It seemed as though they had a different collective thought in what they were trying to accomplish. That's how we tried to prepare."