How bad of a sign was the loss in the opener?


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You don’t want to overreact, but that was Lehigh’s first win ever against a top-10 team
Lehigh is a good team. They won their conference regular season and tournament championships last year. They also won an NCAA regional game. The loss to them was unexpected, but they have a good softball program. I'm not ready to hit the panic button yet. We should know a lot more about Team 27 after our games this week against elite competition.

Clay Miller

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It's so hard to judge what that means for the entire season but I definitely think it'll take some time for them to get going and potentially looking like a top team. Still think they can get there though.

Katie Windham

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When I talked to Murph after the doubleheader Friday and then again on Tuesday, you could tell both times that he's thinking a lot about that game. The biggest thing he keeps bringing up is that first inning would alabama essentially had the chance to lay down the hammer after scoring two runs on two pitches, they had three quick outs. If you keep that inning going, the pitcher probably loses all confidence, and you possibly walk away with a run-rule victory. But instead nine batters in a row are retired after going up 2-0, and you lose.

I think they learned from it, and like alsikbama said, Lehigh might not be a big opponent based on name alone, but they're obviously not a pushover team. Losing the opener is obviously not a great sign, but we'll see how much they really learned by how well they do in Clearwater this week. I honestly think going 3-2 would be a good week overall-- not ideal after already losing a game, but probably a little more realistic.

Christopher Walsh

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A lot of the games this weekend will be on TV. We're posting a full schedule for watching the Crimson Tide (in all sports) in the morning.