From a friend who saw practice Saturday

Cary Clark

Staff member
  • The team did shooting / passing drills, 3 on 2, 3 on 4 drills and then worked on 5 on 5 half court offense versus defense. All of the scholarship guys looked good. Due to it not being a full court scrimmage, you did not get a good feel for the speed and open court ability of the new guys. There were 2 teams for the drills. The red team was the more experienced guys - Bediako, Gurley, Miles, Welch and Heard (walk on) versus - Miller, Sears, Griffen, Clowney, and Burnett. All of the players looked good. Bediako looks much stronger. Miles really stood out. Gurley was banging on the inside more than last year. The new guys can all shoot from 3 point range except Clowney. Clowney is a good player, but just did not shoot from 3 very well. Burnett did participate in all of the drills we saw. The work out lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. JQ was there walking around along with Bradley. Bradley seemed to be walking a little stiff. I am not sure when he will be cleared to go full speed. I did not see Pringle there.
    (Pringle is finishing up academic work in junior college.)