Dickey Maegle died (player Tommy Lewis famously tackled)

Christopher Walsh

Staff member
Dicky Maegle, a 1979 College Football Hall of Fame inductee who starred at Rice from 1952-54, passed away July 4. He was 86.

Maegle is best remembered for one most iconic plays in college football history (click to watch), which occurred during the 1954 Cotton Bowl between Rice and Alabama. Maegle had begun an amazing run from the five-yard line, and he was headed straight for a 95-yard touchdown with no one to stop him. As Maegle passed midfield, Alabama's overly-enthusiastic Tommy Lewis leaped from the Crimson Tide bench to tackle Maegle. The officials credited Maegle with the touchdown, the longest rushing play in Cotton Bowl history and one of three he scored that day. He gained a whopping 265 yards on 11 carries - an amazing 24.1 yards per carry, as the Owls defeated the Crimson Tide, 28-6. After the game, Maegle would travel to New York City for an appearance on the famed Ed Sullivan Show to discuss the play and his performance.