Brian Kelly's salary drawing some serious heat

Christopher Walsh

Staff member
The Washington Post’s Babb contrasts LSU FB HC Kelly’s highly publicized salary with the comparatively low pay earned by other LSU employees and residents of Baton Rouge. LSU trustee Temple minces no words when discussing what he views as continuing inequities and recalls introducing Kelly to LSU grad student Toombs, whom Temple considers a protege. Temple wanted to see how Kelly interacted with a “commoner,” adding: “I want you to speak to him. and I want to see your reaction. I want to see if you’re going to speak to him or speak at him or speak down to him or speak over their head. I want to see if your speaking is going to be sincere or if it’s going to be racist or: ‘What the f--- am I speaking to this n---- for?’” Temple, LSU’s first Black varsity athlete, goes on to remark there continues to be skepticism about LSU among Black residents in the state due to the school being later than others to desegregate. Regarding Kelly’s salary, Temple acknowledges it’s the cost of competing, but he still finds it difficult to stomach, particularly given the compensation of other employees, and his interaction with Kelly did little to change his mind. Temple gives Kelly a C for their interaction. “He was nice. He really needs to win if he wants to get me. He hasn’t earned no money. I want to see him beat Alabama and Florida and Georgia. Then I’ll tell you if I think he’s worth that 10 million g------ dollars.”