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Christopher Walsh

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A longer, more elaborate list of house rules will be posted elsewhere on here, but here are the simple ones ...

• Do not lie, cheat, mislead or abuse. No offensive material or personal attacks. If you wouldn't want your mother seeing it, don't post it.

• This is a site dedicated to Alabama athletics. Please go somewhere else for politics, religion and anything sexually-related. Also, no selling or commercial items, and no trolling by non-Crimson Tide fans.

• While we encourage you to post links to interesting stories and items from other websites, please be respectful of pay walls and always give credit.

• No spamming.

• Violating posts will be deleted and posters may be placed on suspension and/or banned.

• "When in doubt, take the high road," is a site motto. It will be used in deciding disputes and making decisions regarding the site.

• Above all else, have fun.

Thanks for being here!
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