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    What an end to the series

    Even though Alabama lost the series against Kentucky, it was a great team effort to pull out the victory today. It’ll definitely build momentum as the Tide prepares for Arkansas next weekend.
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    Home SEC Opener

    Alabama needs to get on the right track in SEC play, and Kentucky is the team to do so. The Crimson Tide has played well at home besides the Columbia series, so let’s see if it can continue that trend.
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    Down Goes Purdue!

    I caught the last 5 or so minutes of the game, and wow…. I am at a lost for words.
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    How Many Brackets did you make?

    I made two brackets: one serious one with my coworkers, and one emotional win that would feel good to the soul if certain teams won. Don't judge me.
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    Potential Noah Gurley Game?

    1-Seed Alabama and 13-Seed Furman are in the same region of the NCAA Tournament Bracket. It might be a chance that Noah Gurley could be going against his old school in the Sweet 16. haven't filled out my bracket yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a "Noah Gurley Game" in the NCAA...
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    Chris Beard Hired at Ole Miss

    First Hugh Freeze, now Chris Beard? Yeah, the storylines sometimes write themselves.
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    Nick Pringle's favorite opponent

    Two of Nick Pringle's best games this season were against the Bulldogs. I wouldn't be surprised if Nate Oats wants to test his luck early on and see if the positive stretch continues.
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    Bohannon's 150th Win

    Alabama baseball still has to prove it can produce in the SEC, but let's take a moment to credit Brad Bohannon on reaching 150 career wins as Alabama's head coach. He probably would've reached it sooner if the 2022 season wasn't cancelled, but he's reached it nonetheless. This year's team also...
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    A trend in QB size

    It's still very early, but I notice a trend in the QB prospects Tommy Rees and Alabama are offering and noticing: Antwann Hill (C/o '25) - 6'5, 215 pounds Brady Edmunds (C/o '27) - 6'5, 200 pounds A vast difference in size compared to the last few Alabama quarterbacks, whose height ranged from...
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    Plenty to take away from the Weekend.

    It was a great first weekend for recruiting coverage, and I haven’t even written everything out yet. It’s going to be a fun week y'all don’t want to miss…
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    Junior Day and 7-on-7s

    A LOT of recruits will be in town for Junior Day on Saturday, and I expect a good number of players to announce that they received offers. While that’s going on, I’ll be at Thompson High School for a 7-on-7 event. If you see me out and about, say hi.
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    Don't Forget about the combine

    Right Now DJ Dale and the defensive linemen are running the 40-yard dash, but soon Will Anderson and the edge rushers/linebackers will have their turn. For those curious: Dale ran a 5.30 40 his on his first attempt
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    Second Half Adjustments?

    Auburn is clearly focused on containing Brandon Miller. I think a good option to spark the offense would be to use Miller as a decoy in some sets to keep the Tigers honest. Alabama has the scoring depth to do so.
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    The positive and negative of Bryce Young not throwing at the NFL Combine

    The only negative I have about Bryce Young not throwing at the combine is that the other top guys (Stroud, Levis, Richardson) will throw. It raises an eyebrow and creates the thought of "Well if everyone else is throwing, why not him?" Which leads to the positive: Young throwing ability is not...
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    Plenty of Prospects showed out in Atlanta

    The Under Armour Next Camp in Atlanta hosted a large group of Alabama prospects and targets, namely linebacker commit Sterling Dixon, who won an award at the event. There are plenty of in-state prospects that performed well in Atlanta, and it'll be interesting to see who all improved their stock...
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    It's almost combine time! We need answers for the next episode.

    What's up Alabama fans! We're only a few days away from the 2023 NFL Combine, where over a dozen former Crimson Tide players will participate. I have a question for you: Which player are you most excited to see in the combine, and why? Your response could be read aloud on the "Tide Keeps...
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    Top of the show on First Take

    I usually watch ESPN’s First Take as I’m getting ready for the day. The lead story? Stephen A. Smith, Paul Finebaum and Michael Wilbon debating if Brandon Miller should’ve played last night.
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    I'll call this a defining game

    The legal matters are one thing, but for Miller to put on this type of performance with all the controversy surrounding him is nothing short of career-defining. This will be a performance that'll be talked about long after Miller leaves Alabama.
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    The case is now back in the spotlight

    Speaking from a purely basketball sense, it took a while for the initial shock and controversy to finally subside and the focus on the sport. Now not only is the case back in the forefront, it now involves the team’s best player. The only thing I hope for is that the truth, whatever it is...
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    *** Live thread: Georgia at Alabama

    I wouldn't be surprised if more career milestones and season/career highs are reached tonight offensively