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    A fun story from Montgomery re Alabama's oldest living QB
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    Breaking: Transfer Portal News

    Word is that Trey Sanders, backup RB, is in the portal. Multiple reports. Breaking!!!
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    Lane to Auburn?

    1. 60% 2. As worried as with Malzahn, who was 3-5 vs. Saban.
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    Iron Bowl Mayoral Bets
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    Bama won this Iron Bowl competition again
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    Joe is hearing Saban's next '23 commitment is...

    Jaren Hamilton, WR, Gainesville, FL. Bro can FLY. Track Speed!
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    A cool Byron Young stat from Pro Football Focus

    Young is third on the team in pressures this season with 25, per PFF. Will Anderson Jr. (49) and Dallas Turner (29) are the only two ahead of Young. He has a chance to keep boosting his draft stock if he finishes the season strong.
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    Fun facts about new hoops Director of Ops Josh Pierre

    His twin brother, Joe, is currently an assistant coach at Liberty University. This might help in scouting for Friday. He is a former Mississippi State assistant under Ben Howland.
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    Found this noteworthy basketball note re Friday pm

    Liberty at No. 20 Alabama (9 p.m. ET, Friday, ESPN+) -- When you have two teams who could not play at more drastically different paces meeting each other, things get interesting. Alabama will run. Liberty will grind the game to a halt and let Darius McGhee cook. The 5-9 senior guard scored 17 in...
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    Hoops obs from row 28

    Bradley showed promise. Problem is he is afraid to shoot behind the arc because he can't right now. His jumper is "a work in progress." He is a solid floor general and I agree CC should have probably listed him but when JQ comes back Bradley will play even less.
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    Another fun bye week read on a living legend
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    Oddly disturbing if accurate

    Such great logic.
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    Oddly disturbing if accurate

    Wish I had some.
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    Opening Night Fun Fact

    Alabama vs Longwood will be the only opening night game between teams that made the NCAA tournament last year
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    Oddly disturbing if accurate

    I agree with CC except that it's not fall break. They don't have a break until Thanksgiving according to my son. What is IS is a non-football weekend where most students who don't work go home. Foster holds around 3,800. If fans want to attend they should be allowed to. One of my friends is...
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    Offer for Charlotte NC TE

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    Hoops tidbits

    Based on conversations with several sources: 1. Alabama feels it would fare better against Notre Dame Friday. Yes, the Irish are a great shooting team but Rutgers is known to force more turnovers leading to easy points. 2. Alabama plans to be active in the portal with goals being one point...
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    Possible answer at left or right tackle

    Alabama is-reportedly getting visit from Vanderbilt OL transfer Tyler Steen who will decide in March per multiple reports.