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    *** Mac Jones Named Starting Quarterback in New England, Cam Newton Cut by Patriots

    Mac Jones, Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa were all teammates at Alabama and are now starting QBs in the NFL. Simply amazing.
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    Yes, that was Ale Kaho with the blocked punt for UCLA

    Yes he was! No relation as far as I know.
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    ***Alabama in the NFL: Roster Updates from Training Camp

    It's unfortunate Bo Scarbrough wasn't able to make a roster. Hopefully, he can land somewhere.
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    ***Henry comes in at No. 4 on the NFL Top 100 list

    It's hard to make Derrick Henry look small, but....
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    Yes, that was Ale Kaho with the blocked punt for UCLA

    Special teams beast for Alabama. I'm wondering who the next big special teams star will be.
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    ***Alabama Football Official Depth Chart

    I can't wait to see JoJo Earle as a punt returner. I also want to get a look at the new Aussie punter, James Burnip
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    Serious question. Are you bored with Alabama football?

    I'm not asking if you are tired of Alabama winning. Just want to know if watching them crush opponents (including LSU and Auburn) is any fun to watch.
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    Anyone worried about Auburn?

    Alabama has lost two straight and three of its last four at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Maybe a cause for concern. We all know that an enthusiastic Auburn team is dangerous. Look what happened the last time Auburn hired a new coach in 2013...
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    Is Tennessee still a big rival?

    OK, it sounds a little crazy, but Alabama has won 14 straight and probably won't lose to Tennessee anytime soon. So, does this series still resonate with Alabama fans?
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    ****Alabama NIL Tracker: WR Traeshon Holden Announces Deal With Yoke Gaming

    If Kool-Aid McKinstry doesn't get a deal with Kool-Aid, then what are we even doing with NIL?
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    Jox announces new morning show

    They will still be together, just on a different platform. Don't know when they will get that up and running though.
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    Jox announces new morning show

    This should be a fantastic show. Cole has really established himself as a top analyst with some really good insight. My opinion has nothing to do with the fact he is a Homewood High alum :)