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    Nothing wrong with confidence

    Texas RB Keilan Robinson on facing his former school, Alabama, this season: “I know we can beat them boys.”
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    Congrats are in order

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    Bad news for owner Paul Bryant Jr

    The Alabama Supreme Court Friday ruled that Greenetrack owes $76 million in back taxes. Ouch!
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    Bama basketball staff saw this and offered

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    2025 Georgia guard earns Tide offer
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    Petty news

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    Tide may get a Manning

    This one is a 6-7 Texas ‘23 bask player
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    Schedule news

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    Tony Mitchell Final 4

    My guess is TAMU
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    Tony Mitchell Final 4

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    Alum news re The Tournament

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    Schedule note

    Alabama will host South Dakota State as part of its 22-23 non-conference schedule. Game is set for December 4th. Second straight year that SDSU will face the Tide in Tuscaloosa. Bama won, 104-88, in last season's contest
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    Wilkin Formby to Bama

    Possible future teammates Peter Woods and Kelby Collins were part of the Instagram Live btw
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    Former Bama player Jenna Lord commits to…

    …Ole Miss